The history of our brand began many years ago with me-Beata and my husband-Kamil. Our company is the result of a combination of passion and dreams, as well as incredible determination to achieve the goal.

Ich habe meine Liebe zum Nähen und zur Herstellung handgefertigter Dinge mit Kamils ​​Traum kombiniert, ein eigenes Unternehmen zu besitzen. Obwohl ich die Hauptidee neuer Produkte war, kam die Idee, ein Briefkissen zu nähen, von meinem Mann. Zuerst schien es zu kompliziert, also schlug ich scherzhaft vor, dass er es selbst machen könnte. Zu meiner Überraschung tat er es. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass Briefkissen unser Flaggschiffprodukt werden und wir sie in verschiedene Teile der Welt versenden würden. Schließlich habe ich mit ganz einfachen Designs begonnen, die ich zu Beginn in unserer kleinen Wohnung am Esstisch genäht habe. Die ersten Kissen gingen an unsere Freunde und Familie, aber dank unserer Lieben und deren Empfehlungen gab es immer mehr Interesse und Bewunderung für ein so einzigartiges, personalisiertes Geschenk, bei dem es sich lediglich um ein Kissen in Buchstabenform handelt.

Our core values

  • Colors & fun

    We love colours that we associate with childlike joy and carefreeness. We try to reflect these qualities in what we do.

  • Hand-sewn

    All our products are hand-sewn. We do not stockpile and we sew most orders on a regular basis.

  • Local & sustainable

    We sew in Poland and work with local subcontractors. We try to make our production sustainable.

We are proud to say that we were the first to introduce on Polish market letter-shaped cushions made from soft velvet, a fabric for which we have a big boom today, but not known few years ago among other brands.

Years passed, our company expanded and our family grew. Betty’s Home is our first child, but today we are first and foremost the parents of three energetic and cheerful boys, Piotr, Filip and Julek. We have had many difficult moments, more than once wondering if it all makes sense. But we believed and still believe in our products. We felt that their quality would always stand up for itself. It is not without reason that each of our letters is sewn up by hand. We take care of every detail of our products and before we introduce something new, we sew and pamper all the elements. That is why the introduction of each new product takes several weeks or even months, and subsequent ideas are waiting in a long queue for implementation.

Today, our team consists of more than just the two of us and our sons. A large, close-knit team works alongside us on a daily basis, taking care of every part of Betty’s Home. It is thanks to our employees that we can push everything forward and look for new channels of development.

Betty’s Home is not just about letter cushions.

Each such cushion is a personalised gift for a child or an adult. The letters accompany you and your family sometimes even from the first moments of life. But Betty’s Home is not only letters. We also create velvet poufs and mattresses, cotton canopies, floor mats and more. You’ll find all sorts of decorative items, like garlands, stars and anchors, that make our homes even cosier.

Our philosophy

  • We love colours that we associate with childlike joy and carefreeness. We try to reflect these qualities in what we do.
  • We sew in Poland and work with local subcontractors.
  • We appreciate beautiful things and good quality.
  • We try to make our production sustainable. We do not have huge warehouses with stock. We sew on a regular basis, because we want to make sure that nothing goes to waste. That’s why sometimes, your orders take a little longer than anticipated.
  • We are a big team that works together. Everyone can share their ideas. Behind our products are first of all people, not machines.