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  • Velvet letter cushion B
  • Velvet letter cushion B
  • Velvet letter cushion B
  • Velvet letter cushion B
  • Velvet letter cushion B
  • Velvet letter cushion B
  • Velvet letter cushion B
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Velvet letter cushion B old rose

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Letter shaped pillow – Betty’s Home

The letter-shaped pillow has been produced by our company for 10 years. Of all the products we make letter pillows are our favorite. 

Our unique and personalized pillows are a perfect decoration for the nursery, but they can also be great gift idea. Surely many times you have had problems what to buy a newborn baby for a gift, what to buy for a baptism, or maybe even an idea for several gifts for all your children for Christmas! Our product is the perfect baby gift idea. 


Length: 40 cm +/- 2 cm

Width: 35 cm +/- 2 cm

Thickness: 12 cm

Wash by hand, maximum temperature 30° C

The actual colours of the products may differ slightly from those in the image 

depending on individual monitor settings.

Our letter pillows are great fun and also learning letters by playing with Bettys Home pillows. 

What can you actually decorate ? 

Of course, the most popular place for our letter pillows is the children's room. Very often we have no idea what decoration of our children's room should decorate this place. That's why letter-shaped pillows on the bed are the perfect way to personalize and decorate this space. 

However, a letter-shaped pillow is not only a decoration for a child's room. You can use it on the couch in the living room, you can put it on the bed in your bedroom and even put it on a shelf in the bathroom because our fabrics are waterproof. 

Who else can enjoy the gift pillows the most ? Imagine going to a baby shower - a letter pillow is the most distinctive gift you can give ! Do you like to give unique and special gifts ? This is just such a product. 

Decorating a garden party or a birthday party in the garden ? Thanks to the letter pillow, the decoration of your baby's birthday in the garden will be truly unique. But even if you feel like giving a special magic to your garden party and enchant your friends the letter cushion decorations will help you.  

It will be perfect as a personalized gift for every child - from the moment of birth. It's an amazing way to celebrate a baby shower, birth, christening or birthday. It’s unique design will charm not only children but also adults.

Available in all letters of the alphabet and 5 different pastel colours.

Most importantly for babies, they contain no zippers, buttons or feathers!

If you want a unique gift idea that is handmade in Europe with really top quality, you couldn't have come to a better place. 

We will be happy to help you take care of the magic of a baby shower, an unforgettable birthday, the best gift for a christening, the most beautiful garden party or, even a stylish barbecue.