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Velvet letter cushion K | Alphabet Cushion

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Velvet letter cushion K. Holiday present ideas for her. Holiday present ideas.

Letter cushions are the perfect gift for a baby shower or baby's birthday. In addition, this product will be great to decorate the baby's room.

Our letter-shaped cushions are perfect for children who are learning the alphabet and like to play. Each letter cushion is made of high-quality textile materials that are safe for the child and provide softness and comfort while sleeping or playing.

Personalised gifting ideas - pillows letter shaped.

Each letter cushion is shaped like one letter of the alphabet, in beautiful colors, which is sure to attract the baby's attention. Our letter pillows are available in many colors so that children can choose their favourite.

How can I make my kids bedroom fun? Twin baby gift ideas for both.

The letter-shaped cushions are ideal for arranging words and learning to write, and encourage children to make their own creative letter compositions. In addition, the cushions can be easily washed, making them easy to keep clean.

What to buy for a child's day at school ? What to gift someone who has everything?

Our letter cushions are a great gift idea for a child who likes to play and learn in an interesting way. With them, learning the alphabet becomes fun and sleep becomes a pleasure.

Washable up to 30 °C on low speed Do not tumble dry them The filling is an anti-allergenic silicone ball. After washing, it does not lose its fluffiness or elasticity

Dimensions: Height - 40 cm Thickness - 12 cm +/- 2 cm

Material - 100% polyester