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Velvet floor mattress for unforgettable fun and comfortable rest of the child.

Kids Velvet Mattress, where comfort and style come together to create the perfect haven for your little ones. Crafted with care and designed with children in mind, this mattress offers a cozy retreat that ensures peaceful and joyful playing time.

Created with the well-being of your child in mind, our play mats offer a soft and cushioned surface that`s gentle on little hands and knees. It`s the perfect foundation for all kinds of play.

Every child is a real volcano of boundless energy. All parents know very well how endless reserves of energy children can have. However, there are moments when every child at some point is able to calm down or needs his beloved and chosen place for this.

Floor mattress - a reading corner for children

To meet such a need, we decided to create a Velour Floor Mattress designed just for children and their creativity.

With our velour mattress, children can have the added comfort of sitting on the floor while playing with blocks, small cars or dolls.

Little lovers of reading books are sure to find our velour mattress perfect for them. Who wouldn`t dream of having their own reading nook which you can further decorate by hanging a canopy from our collection above it, or add a decoration in the form of a decorative garland of triangular flags

Physical activity on winter afternoons on a velvet mattress.

Boys will surely enjoy creating a car race track on our mattress or building a special base with our mattresses, pillows and blankets.

On dreary winter evenings on the mattress, children can do home gymnastics and practice fidgeting. Even family viewing of a movie or favorite children`s show sitting on the ground will become much more enjoyable for the little ones.

Place a velour mattress on the floor and create a comfortable play area on it. Children can bring their favorite toys, teddy bears and books to spend time on the cushion, reading, doing puzzles, creating little scenes or just playing.

A velour mattress can serve as a great space for children to draw and paint. You can give them a large cardboard sheet to lay on, or create a place where they can freely create their artwork without worrying about dirtying the floor.

The velour mattress can be the base for building block constructions, or playing board games. Children can create wonderful buildings, cities, castles or other constructions on the soft surface of the mattress.

Velour mattress - the basis of any secret base in a boy`s room

Children can use the velour mattress to build small houses, tents or headquarters for their dolls, teddy bears or action figures. This is a great way to develop creativity and imagination.

Set up game boards or put together puzzles on the mattress. It`s an ideal surface where children can focus on solving puzzles, playing board games or putting together more difficult puzzles.

For younger children, the velour mattress can provide a safe and soft playground. They can play with their colorful toys on it, stacking, rearranging or simply lying down, exploring the different textures.

A place to relax and unwind after a day at school on our velour mattresses

A velour mattress can also be a place to relax, where children can lie down, rest, listen to music or read a book.

For our velour mattresses, you can choose many beautiful accessories in our store that will decorate your little one's corner wonderfully.

In the collection of Large floor poufs you will find floor seats in the same colors as the mattresses.