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Knock, knock! Who`s there? Hippo cushion

How can you not fall in love with a hippopotamus? For us, this adorable animal became the inspiration to create an unusual cushion, which with its charm will delight every child and parent. Soft, comfortable and cosy - that was our main aim for the hippo-shaped cushion. The idea came up, but also the question: what shape should it be? Certainly not fit!

Hippo-shaped cushion - from an idea to a lover of children`s interiors and cuddles.

First of all, our aim was to create a cushion for the baby, but after sewing the first few pieces and giving this gentleman the right shape, we found out that this is also a great cushion for feeding the little one, which stays for longer and accompanies our baby for several years. A croissant? No, too easy to sew ;)

Which is better for feeding, a croissant or a chicken? A chicken just pecks, while a hippo can swim and cuddle.

That`s why we decided that our hippo cushion would be a unique and original idea to replace the well-known solutions. The cut-out of our hippo-shaped cushion has been designed so that you can comfortably place the feeding cushion on your lap with your little hunger-striker on it. The inside of our cushion has been filled with anti-allergenic down that is safe for your baby. The weaving used to sew our hippos is 100 per cent cotton, which you can wash in the washing machine.

What to buy for mum and baby ? What`s a gift for a new mum ? Now that`s a challenge!

When answering this question, we usually choose things that are useful and that makes sense. However, if you`re wondering what to buy for mum and baby special then our cushion could be a hit for both of them. Practical and eager to cuddle. According to many online pictures, the hippo only has four teeth, but ours thankfully does not yawn, so it is a safe toy for baby.

What`s a gift for a child who has everything ?

Seeing on a daily basis how our children love to fall asleep with their favourite mascots, we found that our hippo cushion could perfectly combine both functions. A mascot for a one year old baby and a unique cot decoration for a baby gift. Older children love them too!

Large decorative cushions for children.

Our hippo what quite a specimen! His length is 63 cm and his height is 35 cm. Apparently even lions are afraid of hippos, but our hippo-shaped cushion is a very sociable specimen. In fact, he just likes to cuddle and lie on his side when the kids lay us down with him while eating or sleeping. And one more thing ! Every hippopotamus is great at guarding the base of cushions and blankets.

Animal cushions for children.

Dogs, cats, chickens it`s been done before! Well okay...doggies are great ! But a cushion in the shape of a hippo! That`s just the decoration for a child`s room. Gift ideas for a child can educate, develop and play. They can also decorate a little girl`s or little boy`s room in a unique way.

Room decorations for girls and boys.

The hippo not only likes to cuddle but also needs company. If your little one likes to cuddle then our hippo cushion loves to lie and cuddle on the velvet mattress from our collection. If, on the other hand, he needs to accompany his little one with a coffee during playtime, they can sit on the large velvet pouf And most importantly! Hippo loves to learn letters just like children. Every child wants to be independent as soon as possible, and learning the first letterof their name is already a big event. Therefore, so that our hippo-shaped cushion doesn`t forget its friend`s name, it should look at a letter cushion every day. This could be a letter cushion with the letter cushion H . If we are dealing with an exceptionally talented hippo then he can also learn numbers with number cushions.

We already have a hippo called Julian at home. There are quite a few in our storeroom all the time, however they are polite.