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  • velvet letter cushion h old rose pink by bettys home front picture
  • velvet letter cushion h blue by Bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion h in four colours by Bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion h size picture by Bettys home
  • happy little boy playing with velvet letter cushion a blue by bettys home
  • velvet letter shaped pillow b in mint by Bettys home on sand
  • letter pillow b mint on beach during holidays by bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion h mint by bettys home standing on small chair next to bed with cotton canopy
  • cute girl playing with velvet letter cushions by bettys home on sofa
  • kids room with bed and cotton canopy by bettys home over the bed. kids playing also with letter pillow cushions
  • little girl with velvet letter cushions s mint in here hands standing on yellow wall.
  • children bed in many colours with velvet letter cushion A yellow by bettys home as bed decoration
  • velvet letter cushion h yellow by bettys home front picture
  • velvet letter cushion h mint by bettys home front picture
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Betty's Home

Velvet letter cushion H | Alphabet Cushion

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Velvet letter cushion H. Personalised Back to School Gifts and personalised gift for father’s day.

Are you looking for an unfussy and adorable accessory that fits into any love-filled baby room? Or maybe you have no idea for a gift for a baby shower or first birthday? An original letter cushion will take your little one to a soft, safe world of sleep in the evening, during the day it will inspire fun and creative games or diversify the interior design, giving it a cozy feel!

Unique decorations for reading corner in a children's bedroom.

Letter cushion - a great gift idea!

The letter pillow not only works perfectly as a soft friend to sleep, but also as a room decoration, which brings a lot of warmth and charm to the four walls. When a child's room is shared by two siblings, the velour letter will allow you to mark to whom the crib, dresser or desk belongs. Universal cut and subdued colors fit into any style of interior, emphasizing the childish character of the room.

Twin baby gift ideas for both. Personalised gifting ideas for twins.

This is an excellent gift idea for the first birthday, which not only pleases the eye with its aesthetic workmanship, but is also very practical. A colorful letter cushion starting with the first letter of the baby's name will be perfect for a pregnancy photo shoot, as a gift for a baby shower or birthday party decoration.

Gift for a one year old baby. Childrens bedroom decorations.

Velvet letter - pleasant fabric, soft filling and vivid colors

The letter cushions have been carefully designed to please toddlers of all ages with their exceptionally soft and tactile fabric, comfortable and fluffy filling and intense color. The velvet letter has a very smooth finish, without any elements dangerous for a frisky cliff, so it is completely safe and allows joyful scrambling without the risk of painful rubbing against the protruding zipper. Anti-allergenic silicone ball ensures even filling of the cushion, so the letter cushion remains exceptionally fluffy and comfortable for a long time.

Washable up to 30 °C on low speed. Do not tumble dry them. The filling is an anti-allergenic silicone ball. After washing it does not lose its fluffiness or elasticity

Dimensions: Height - 40 cm Thickness - 12 cm +/- 2 cm

Material - 100% polyester

Filling - 100% polyester