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  • velvet letter cushion t old rose pink by bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion t blue by bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion t in four colours by bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion t size picture by bettys home
  • kids bedroom with sofa nad girl under many letter pillows by bettys home
  • beach view with velvet garland and velvet letter pillow b mint by Bettys home
  • kindergarten with many colorful decorations like cotton canopy over the bed and velvet letter cushions by bettys home
  • little girl during garden party with letter pillow p and a by bettys home
  • children charming bedroom with velvet letter cushion z yellow by bettys home
  • children bedroom with velvet letter pillow a in yellow on bed by bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion t mint by bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion t yellow by bettys home
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Betty's Home

Velvet letter cushion T | Alphabet Cushion

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Velvet letter cushion T is a beautiful decoration for your home. It is our iconic product and bestseller.

It will be perfect as a personalised gift for every child - from the moment of birth. It's an amazing way to celebrate a baby shower, birth, christening or birthday. It’s unique design will charm not only children but also adults.

Birthday Gift Ideas. Baby Shower Decoration.

The letter can be with you and your child from the very beginning, creating an irreplaceable keepsake from the childhood. Thanks to the possibility of matching the entire name or initials, a soft, velvet pillow becomes something to identify with. Each look at the decorative pillows in the shape of alphabet will remind you of the people most important to you and your loved ones.

Unique gift idea for your baby

A set of pillows will help a toddler learning the world to learn the alphabet and create his first words. It will become an inspiration to play, learn and stimulate your child's creativity.

Personalised Back to School Gifts

The pillows will blend in with any style and any interior. They are an accessory that, thanks to their bright colour, will enliven spaces and add warmth to any room.

The pillow is made of a soft and extremely pleasant fabric - you will not be able to stop touching it. Depending on the direction of combing the material and the light falling on it, the colour changes subtly - from lighter to darker. Doesn’t contain feathers or zipper.


Length: 40 cm +/- 2 cm
Width: 35 cm +/- 2 cm

Thickness: 12 cm