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Bags and backpacks - for school, travel and special tasks

Betty's Home is not just about the iconic letter cushions. We feel at home in the world of textiles, so we decided to create a unique collection of backpacks and sports bags for you and your child. We know that you like well-designed accessories that stand out from the crowd, and we are confident that our school backpacks, travel bags and duffles will appeal to your aesthetic sense.

Unique school backpacks and travel backpacks. How about a matching bag?

What else makes our collection of backpacks and bags different? First of all, the fact that although we usually design our products with our youngest customers in mind, a Betty's Home bag or backpack will also serve an adult well! We have chosen universal sizes, cheerful but unobtrusive patterns and friendly colours to suit the tastes of young and old alike. After all, who says that adulthood is just a black suit, white shirt and navy blue? So if you feel that you still have something of the child in you, take a look at Betty's Home school backpack or a comfortable sports/travel bag.

The perfect school bag for your child

We wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't care about the design of our school backpacks. It's important to us that the design is not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear. So what should a school backpack be like? The ideal backpack is one that

  • Holds all the necessary notebooks, textbooks, pencil case and other school treasures;
  • is easy on the young spine
  • is made from easy-care, high-quality materials;

And just such school backpacks for kids are in our offer! We've made them from high-quality fabrics that are easy to machine wash, so you don't have to worry about indelible paint or ink stains. The cheerful, fruity prints will appeal to the little ones and make the school run a pleasure. Especially as we have designed the straps to relieve pressure on the back and spine and make carrying the rucksack all about comfort.

In the same collection you will also find travel backpacks, which are universal in size, making them suitable for both children and adults. They're bigger and roomier than school backpacks, so they're perfect for trips and excursions, but if your little one wants to take them to class, we don't see any reason why they shouldn't.

Backpacks for kids and adults from the BAKKU collection

BAKKU is our new collection of colourful and stylish backpacks for kids and adults. Their size makes them perfect for school, but also for an adult on a business trip or a short holiday. In a BAKKU backpack you can carry for example

  • A4 size documents;
  • A business laptop;
  • A wallet;
  • A make-up bag;
  • Your favourite book;and other necessities.
  • and other essentials.

Thanks to the extra handles, the backpack can also be slung over the shoulder or carried in the hand, like a handbag, instead of being carried on the back. This option will also appeal to a child who sometimes needs to feel "big", and the wide range of colours makes it possible for everyone to find a backpack in the BAKKU collection.

Sports and travel bags do not have to be boring!

In addition to backpacks for children and adults, we also offer travel and sports bags. We've designed them with attention to detail, so you don't have to worry about whether the bag will hold everything you need. The collection includes bags with the familiar fruity pattern as well as colourful, navy striped or plain corduroy. The oval shape of the bag makes it roomy enough to fit in a crowded car boot, and the strong handles can carry a lot of weight.

Browse our range and decide which product you want to buy. A backpack for your child is an important purchase, especially before the start of the school year, but it's worth having a backpack or travel bag at home at any time of the year. Who knows when the urge for a short family trip will strike?