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  • Gingham Red Backpack by Bettys Home. Girl with red checkered backpack
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  • Young woman in big city crossing street while wearing gingham backpack in red by Bettys Home. Checkered backpack back to school
  • Gingham backpack in red by Bettys Home. Original checkered backpacks for kids
  • Gingham backpack in red by Bettys Home. Backpack for back to school offer time
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  • Kids playing outside both with gingham backpack in red by Bettys Home
  • Bettys Home colorfull backpack in gingham red. Back to school gift ideas for kids
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Large Backpack | Gingham | Red Plum

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Betty's Home - Red Plum gingham backpack - large

Our red gingham backpack is the perfect choice for frequent flyers and those who need a practical and stylish solution for office work and city life.

It is made of durable material that provides not only longevity, but also protection for your belongings. Its classic red gingham pattern gives it both an elegant and fashionable look that is sure to attract attention.

Your new large backpack was sewn in our company in Poland.

Backpack for airplane as carry-on luggage.

Our yellow checkered backpack is specially designed with the needs of travelers in mind. It meets the hand luggage size requirements for an airplane, so you can easily fit it in the overhead compartment of your seat. It is a convenient solution that allows you to travel freely without having to check in your luggage.

Fashionable school backpack. Backpack for parents

The backpack includes an internal laptop pocket and is sure to accommodate your books and textbooks and allow you to organize efficiently.

In addition, the backpack also has a comfortable handle, so you can also carry it in your hand.
Dimensions : 30 x 40 x 15 cm

Composition : Outer material - 100% cotton

Material inside - 100 % polyester

Remove minor dirt with a sponge soaked in water.

You can wash by hand, in cold water. We do not recommend washing in a washing machine or spinning alone.

Do not tumble dry the backpack.