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  • Velvet Letter Cushion C mint by Bettys Home. Xmas gift ideas for coworkers. Christmas gift ideas
  • Velvet Letter cushion C in four colours. Decorative pillow for couch. Decorative pillow for sofa.
  • Velvet Letter cushion C size picture by Bettys Home
  • Velvet Letter Cushion B on beach in beautiful mint colour. Decorative pillow for bed. Gift ideas kindergarten graduation
  • Velvet Cushion Letter A pink as kids room decoration in front of bed. Gift ideas best friend. Xmas gift ideas for coworker
  • Happy kids playing with velvet letter pillows like velvet letter cushion A in blue. Baby boy shower decorations. Xmas kids
  • baby girl playing on garden picnic in front of velvet letter cushion P which is great baby shower present ideas for a girl
  • girl sitting on sofa surrounded by many letter cushions and a large velour pouffe from bettys home which are gifts for twin
  • Velvet letter cushion C in yellow by bettys home
  • velvet letter cushion C in blue by bettys home letter pillow
  • velvet letter cushion c in old rose pink by betty's home
  • girl in garden holding velvet letter pillow b in mint by bettys home which is great birthday gifts for twins girl
  • Baby girl playing with letter cushion s in mint by Bettys home which is funny twin gifts
  • velvet letter cushion z in yellow looks like decorative pillow for couch
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Betty's Home

Velvet letter cushion C | Alphabet Cushion

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Velvet letter cushion C. Original and personalised gift for twins boy and girl

A letter cushion is an ideal gift idea. Such a letter cushion can also adequately complement the decoration of a birthday party, baby shower or any anniversary occasion. Letter cushion is able to perfectly complement the decor of any room, as well as create a personalised accessory for the child.

Twin baby gift sets. Twins room decoration ideas

It is possible to choose from among the entire alphabet of letters. With this solution, you can create a child's name from the cushions, but it is also possible to create a welcome sign and anything else you can think of. Velvet letter cushions come in a variety of colours, you can match them perfectly to any room. With our decorative cushions, there is an opportunity to create a unique decor in just a few moments.

Gift for a child's birthday. Birthday decoration for a girl

Cushions in the shape of letters are considered a universal design. They are extremely comfortable, as well as pleasant to the touch, and all this is because the highest quality material was used in their production. With such letter cushions we can not only decorate, but they can also serve, as functional equipment. Not only can we sit on them in a comfortable way, but we can also lie down on them and rest our legs.

Our letter cushion is also an idea for christmas gift ideas for family.

Washable up to 30 °C on low speed Do not tumble dry them The filling is an anti-allergenic silicone ball. After washing it does not lose its fluffiness or elasticity

Dimensions: Height - 40 cm Thickness - 12 cm +/- 2 cm

Material - 100%

polyester Filling - 100% polyester