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Small Velvet Pouf Mint | Round Floor Pouf

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Small Velvet Floor Pouf. Round floor Pouf. Kids and adults soft furniture.

Kids' Reading Nook with Velvet Floor Pouf

Create a dreamy reading nook with our Kids' Velvet Floor Pouf. Place it next to a bookshelf or a cozy corner, and let your child dive into captivating stories in utmost comfort. The soft velvet texture and supportive cushioning make it a perfect spot for hours of reading pleasure.Favourite book and playing games on comfy floor pouf ottoman.

Your children will use such a small pouf in a very creative way.

Our Small Floor Pouf is amazing Playtime Prop. Encourage imaginative play by letting your child use the pouf as a prop in their creative games and adventures.

Floor cushion round or floor cushion coach

Add a pop of color and charm to the room by using the velvet pouf as a decorative accent, either on its own or as part of a fun seating arrangement.

Great velvet pouf made of highest quality upholstery textile.

The fabric has 100,000 cycles of Martindale Abrasion Test and it’s waterproof.

Filling: upholstery sponge

You can wash it in 30 degrees.

Diameter – 50 cm
Height – 12 cm