Choosing the Perfect School Backpack: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Perfect School Backpack: A Comprehensive Guide

First day of school gifts for students

In everyone`s life there are moments that we are able to remember for a lifetime. Moments, the first day in kindergarten, the first vacation abroad, or the first kiss. Undoubtedly, one such moment is our child`s first day at school. The first day at our toddler`s school is not only another step in the child`s growing up and education, but, above all, new unfamiliar experiences, new friends, a host of new adventures. Emphasizing the uniqueness of the first day of school is quite a challenge for many parents, so below we would like to outline some ideas.

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First day at school keepsake - What are the habits in other countries ?

The first day of school is celebrated in a special way in many countries around the world.

Quite a popular way to celebrate this day in Europe is to give children so-called horns of plenty. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, such gifts are called Schultüte or, in particular regions, Zuckertüte. It is a long tube filled with school supplies but also, for the most part, with sweets that children love! Well, that`s the problem for many parents who, with their own child`s health in mind, refuse to overeat sweets. We have a solution for this, but let`s go back to traditions in other countries!

In India, the custom of giving gifts to children is called Praveshanotsavam. On this day, children are given all sorts of gifts and with the onset of the rainy season, they are gifted with umbrellas of different colors.

The habit of gifting children with horns of plenty has already been adopted in many European countries and also overseas.

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What for a child for the first day school gift ?

Of course, children mainly count on candy...each of us as a parent knows this problem. However, everyone mainly cares about the happiness of the child, and its proper development lies at the heart of all of us. We have an idea how to make the first day of school and a gift for the first day of school unforgettable!

Letter cushion as a gift for the first day of school!

There is a way to give a little first-grader a special and unforgettable gift. Velvet Letter Cushions is a unique personalized gift that will bring joy to your child or loved one you care about in a unique way.

It is a solution that is a great idea to replace the sweets that of course our little ones love so much.

Girls sitting on stairs with velvet letter cushions. First day at school gift idea for kids by Bettys Home

In our offer you will find great gift ideas for a first grader in our collection of letter cushions in four unusual colors :

Educational gift for a first grader.

Our velvet letter cushions are not only a unique gift for a first grader, but also an unforgettable symbol of a new adventure and a new stage in the life of a little traveler.

The first year at school is a unique time of change and exploration for every child, but most of all it is a time of fun learning. The letter cushion can become a unique symbol of love for our little one, but also a unique part of everyday life as a backrest on a chair while doing homework, or a cuddle in bed.

If the quality of the materials and workmanship of the items you want to bestow on your loved ones is important to you, we can assure you that our products are made with the utmost care in compliance with safety standards. The insert we use in our letter cushions and velvet number cushions is anti-allergenic and safe for your child.

Velvet number cushion on bed. Unique birthday party decoration for kids and adults by Bettys Home

First-grader`s Graduation Gift.

First-grader`s graduation is also a special day that symbolically gives official uniqueness to our little one`s new journey. Our products fit perfectly for this occasion. In previous articles we have mentioned the possibility of using our cushions in the shape of a number as a unique birthday decoration, however, they also fit uniquely with a letter cushion that will prove to be a gift for the first grader for the graduation.

First day at school gift for boy

The first day at school is not only about gifts, but also about responsibilities and the need to equip a small first-grader with an appropriate backpack that will support the first months at school and ensure comfort in the school corridors.

We have also transferred our love of colors to school backpacks, which in the Bettys Home offer look unique and in addition can be a very fashionable accessory for a girl as well as a school backpack for a boy

In our store you will find beautiful collections - checkered backpacks, made of Italian woven checkered sewn in our company in Poznan as well as beautiful velour backpacks available in four colors: green backpack, yellow backpack, mint backpack, blue backpack , created from very durable high-density fabrics. The collection of gingham backpacks is available in a large version as well as a mini version as a backpack for a boy.

Gingham Backpacks for first day at school. Back to school gift ideas by Bettys Home

Interesting school supplies

Another functional item that will make it easier for your child to move around the school corridors are our kidney pouches available in our store in a unique collection matching checkered backpacks. A small student can fit everything necessary to carry in it when the backpack is hidden in the school locker or remains in the classroom. For older children who already have a phone, you can choose a phone bag also from the phone pouches gingham collection.

Gingham Phone Pouches by Bettys Home. Back to school gift Ideas for kids.

Gift ideas for the first day of school.

Each of us remembers the gray 1990s in which we parents had to spend our school time. The times when there was no access to such a wide range of products, school supplies or a whole lot of backpacks and pencil cases with superheroes are gone. Sentimental memories remain. However, we all go back to those moments with a smile on our faces remembering our first days in school desks and our friends. Today is different and the products that are available on the market offer not only functionality and a full range of colors, but also the ability to make conscious purchasing decisions. We are convinced that in our offer you will find articles that perfectly meet all these needs and additionally emphasize the uniqueness of your child through a fashionable appearance.